पूर्णियाँ विश्वविद्यालय
Purnea University


Under the jurisdiction of Purnea University, Purea there are 13 constituent colleges and 19 affiliated colleges in which graduation courses run. Details of colleges are as follows:

Constituent Colleges
  • Purnea College, Purnia
  • Purnea Mahila Mahavidyalya, Purnia
  • M.L. Arya College Kasba, Purnia
  • G.L.M. College, Banmankhi, Purnia
  • R.L. College, Madhavnagar, Purnia
  • D.S. College, Katihar
  • MJ.M. Mahila College, Katihar
  • RDS College, Salmari
  • KB Jha College, Katihar
  • Forbesganj College, Forbesganj, Araria
  • Araria College, Araria
  • Marwari College, Kishanganj
  • Nehru College, Bahadurganj, Kishanganj
  • Govt degree college,Baisi 
  • Govt degree college,Dhamda
Affiliated Colleges
  • S.N.S.Y. Degree College, Rambagh, Purnia
  • N.D. College, Rambagh, Purnia
  • R.K.K. College, Purnia
  • P.S. College, Harda, Purnia
  • B.N.C. College, Dhamdaha, Purnia
  • A.J. Mahila College, Banmankhi, Purnia
  • S.R.C Degree College, Katihar
  • R.Y. Degree College, Manihari, Katihar
  • B.M. Degree College, Barari
  • Balrampur Degree College, Balrampur
  • B.D. College, Barsoi
  • Y.N.P. Degree College, Raniganj
  • K.D. College, Raniganj, Araria
  • J.D.S.S. Mahila College, Forbesganj
  • M.L.D.P.K.Y. College, Araria
  • Alsams Millia Degree College, Araria
  • Peoples College, Araria
  • R.K.S. Mahila College, Kishanganj
  • M.H.A.N.D. College, Thakurganj, Kishanganj
Professional  Affiliated Colleges
  • M.I.T. College, Rambagh
  • K.C.E.T. College, Kishanganj
  • M.G.M. Medical College, Kishanganj
  • Katihar Medical College, Katihar
  • B.M.T. Law College
  • C.K.M. Law College, Araria
  • Surya Dev Law College, Katihar
  • M.F.A.A. B.Ed. College, Rambagh
  • Swadeshi B.Ed. College, Maranga
  • D.S. College (B.Ed. Department)
  • Seemanchal M. B.Ed. College, Rampara, Katihar
  • Kitihar Teacher Training College, Katihar
  • Khawaja.S.T.T. College, Nista,Katihar
  • Forbesganj B.Ed. College, Forbesganj, Araria
  • SRP T.T.College,purnea
  • Millia T.T.College,kasba,purnea
  • Millia Kniz Fatima T.T.College,purnea
  • Millia T.T.College,Radhanagar,kasba,Purnea
  • Millia Kniz Fatima T.T.College,Rambagh,Purnea